Standard Tank Gauges

Standard Gauges

For over 20 years, our tank gauges have been the number 1 external tank gauge in the country. Our gauges are absolutely accurate, measuring water and oil simultaneously and helping the customer achieve greater efficiencies with pumpers, water haulers and oil haulers. Our gauges can be installed on oil tanks, water tanks and frac tanks, allowing you to instantly measure fluid at a glance from your vehicle without having to worry about weather conditions or sour wells. Use our single indication gauges to measure top level or eliminate color cutting with our dual indication gauge. It’s easy to measure water and oil simultaneously by glancing at our easy to read red and blue indicators.

Standard Tank GAUGE Specs

  • Eliminate color cutting
  • Measure water and oil simultaneously
  • Accuracy up to ¼”
  • Keep employees safe and off of the tanks
  • Designed with safety in mind

Simply the best in Fluid Level Tank Gauges and Automation